Thin-bed, medium-bed, flow-bed, thick-bed flexible natural stone adhesive

• Approx. 40% higher area performance
• Large formats
• 5 in 1 technology
• Dust reduced
• Wall and floor areas
• For heated substrates
• For interior and exterior areas
• Up to 30 mm bed thickness
• Crystalline water binding
• Rapid grip
• Tested in accordance with EN 12004, C2 FT S1
This product improvable with CEMLATEX 600


MARMOFLEX-HT offers particularly smooth application as a thinbed, medium-bed, flow-bed and thick-bed adhesive. For the installation of natural stone slabs as well as vitrified and earthenware tiles, ceramic tiles with low water absorption ≤ 0.5% (fully vitrified), those with deeply profiled backs, those with thickness variations and those with high and low water absorption. Preferred for work under time constraints and for the installation of light coloured, translucent materials. MARMOFLEX-HT is suitable for confidently bonding to even and uneven load-bearing substrates. MARMOFLEX-HT is furthermore for use as a repair and patching mortar up to 30 mm, beneath tiles. It is additionally suitable as an installation material for lightweight building panels e.g. extruded polystyrene and for installing tiles to mineral-based and dispersion-based BENFER waterproof membranes. On horizontal external areas such as e.g balconies and terraces and when laying large format tiles in internal areas, modify MARMOFLEX-HT, where necessary, with CEMLATEX 600.