Highly flexible, multi-purpose adhesive, applicable in thickness up to 20 mm, designed for very large size technical porcelain

• Highly deformable
• Designed for very large sizes
• Highly resistant to sinking, with outstanding application properties
• Long open time
• For heated substrates
• Dust reduced
• Tested in accordance with European standard EN 12004, C2 TE S2
• High yield
• For exterior and interior use


BENFERFLEX MAX-S2 is a hybrid powder adhesive composed of cement, high tech polymers, selected granulometry aggregates and special additives. Its formulation has been conceived and developed for the fast,safe laying of technical porcelain of any size and thickness. Its high resistance to vertical sliding allows for the laying of top coatings. Thanks to its special composition, BENFERFLEX MAX-S2 is especially suited for laying with back buttering, essential for the creation of floors and walls with very large size technical porcelain.


Laying of all sizes and thickness of porcelain on:
• Interior and exterior walls and floors
• Heavy duty areas
• In conjunction with ACQUASHIELD waterproofing systems
• On top of old wall and floor tiles