Rapid hardening and setting for laying floor and wall tiles, indoor and outdoor

• Fast setting
• Can be spread in a layer of up to 15 mm
• When mixed with CEMLATEX 600, it is ideal for application on wooden composites, porcelain stoneware, large sizes and for application on heated screed
• Elevated flexibility
This product improvable with CEMLATEX 600
BENFERFIX RAPIDO is a powder adhesive made up by grey cements, aggregates with selected granulometry and special additives. Its formula has been conceived and developed in order to meet the constantly increasing demand for quick laying of floors and quick coating of walls in premises open to the public, such as bars, discotheques, supermarkets, swimming pools, offices or private premises in which, in any case, the coming and the for the least possible time, such as manufacturing plants, cold storage rooms, bathrooms, staircases, kitchens and terraces in flats that are already inhabited. In fact, floors laid with BENFERFIX RAPIDO can be walked on with caution, for the purpose of filling the joints, after only 2/3 hours from the laying, even in the case of foundations with limited absorbing power as it generally happens with pre-existent floors. BENFERFIX RAPIDO is also recommended when it is possible that the temperature will drop below zero few hours after the laying. Mixed with our product CEMLATEX 600 it becomes the most suitable product for laying ceramic floor tiles over timber wood.


Rapid hardening and setting for laying porcelain tile and single-fired tiles, natural stones humidity stumble and floors and walls even for interior and exterior.

• For application on wooden floors (format up to 60x60), surfaces subject to oscillations
• Rooms subject to oscillations
• Heated screeds with water system or electrical system