Siloxane Impregnation

• Solvent-containing construction chemical based on oligomere siloxanes
• For a colourless and water repellent impregnation of mineralic construction materials
• Ready for use
• Applied onto the construction material and absorbed by capillarity
• It is transformed into the water repellent siloxane under the influence of moisture
• Water repellant characteristics of surfaces treated with BENFERDROP-WS are resulting in significant protection against damages caused by frost and salts
• Important remarks concerning efficiency and durability:
- Low molecular weight - high penetration depth
- Large alkyl groups - therefore suitable for highly alkaline construction chemicals
- Dry tack-free - no subject to dirtiness
- Applicable on slightly moist surfaces
- Quick formation of a water-repellent effect - therefore fast pelting rain proof
- Improvement of frost resistance and corrosion caused by salt


BENFERDROP-WS is recommended for moisture protection of facades or strongly inclined areas.
Test on objects before use.
General remarks concerning impregnation of different construction materials with BENFERDROP-WS:
- Excellent: Porous concrete, bricks, lime sand stone, mineralic plaster, mineralic paint
- Good: Concrete, cement bonded artificial stone, asbestos cement
- Different: Natural stone
- Limited suitability: Plastic resin plaster
- Not suitable: Gypsum, plastic resin paints
The ready for use BENFERDROP-WS is applied onto the construction material by means of spraying and brushing.