Special-waterproofing admixture for producing high-quality plasters

• Improved & extended working ability
• Ready to use admixture
• Increases resistance against aggressive influences
• Reduced water absorption
• Provides plasters with excellent hydrophobic properties
• Improved cohesion
BSWP-P is a waterproofing plaster admixture designed to improve workability, cohesiveness, hydrophobic properties and increased built up thickness per layer in addition to a superb surface finish. The addition of BSWP-P significantly reduces mixing, troweling and finishing times due to the induced plasticizing effect.


BSWP-P is a normal setting waterproofing agent for producing integrally watertight wall and facade plasters, also against driving rain. The risk of moisture damage is greatly reduced by addition of BSWP-P and the life expectancy of the building is considerably extended.