Crystalline waterproofing admixture of the 3rd generation

• Liquid, therefore considerably easier and safer to mix – no risk of clumping
• Withstands extremely high levels of hydrostatic pressure; from the positive (active) or negative side
• Closure of retrospectively formed cracks up to 0.4 mm is possible
• Becomes an integral and permanent component of the concrete
• The concrete remains vapour permeable
• Max. water-cement factor: 0,55
• Permanently active

BSCRETE 2 is an inorganic liquid additive for waterproofing / increasing the water impermeability of concrete units. BSCRETE 2 is fluid and therefore does not tend to cause clumping during the mixing process. The dosage is carried out as with every conventional concrete additive using suitable dosing equipment. BSCRETE 2 initially has a chemical effect and reduces the water absorption of the hardened cement paste. As needed the latent crystalline effect available, already known from the products BSCRETE 1. The active mechanisms of the concrete additive are permanently available and the products formed during reactions are non-reversible. The affinity for crystal formation permits the healing of static cracks.


BSCRETE 2 is a third generation crystalline waterproofing agent.
BSCRETE 2 is suited for structural pre-cast units, as well as those constructions produced on site as for example
• water retaining structures; potable water tanks, sewage treatment plants, septic tanks
• water excluding structures; retaining walls, tunnels, elevator pits, dams
• below grade structures; piles foundations, basements
• mass concrete
In this context the use of BSCRETE 2 is explicitly suited to all types of concrete units in contact with the ground, those surrounded or flooded by water.