Concrete plasticizer with crystalline waterproofing function

• Permanently active; will self heal future static cracks up to 400 microns
• Improved final strength
• Provides additional protection to reinforcement steel by reducing chloride ion diffusion
• Can be used in high water/cement ratio (up to 0.55) concretes
• Liquid; no lumping, easily dispersed
• Withstands high water pressures (up to 14 bars)
• Compatible with most types of concrete admixtures
• Eliminates need for surface waterproofing
• Complies with EN 934-2

BSCRETE 1 is an additive for concrete, with crystalline technology especially suitable to produce concrete with permanent waterproofing qualities.


• Water impermeable concrete in structures such as e.g. water tanks, sewing water systems, septic tanks
• Structures for retaining water such as tunnels, foundations, embankments, lifts, dams
• Below ground structures, foundations for steel building materials, basements
• Mass concrete