To optimize the laying of the floor we advise using the following instruments:
Rubber scraper with handle is ideal for applying primer. It allows you to work standing up while distributing the optimal quantity of material (approx. 500-600 g/m²).
Metal scraper with adjustable distance teeth to distribute the self-levelling cementitious VARIOPLAN-HD in an easy manner and to control thickness uniformity at all times. The adjustable distance teeth allow you to create different thicknesses with a single instrument.
Spiked roller: the fresh mortar must be de-aired with a spiked roller, which encourages levelling at the same time. The surface appearance and levelling are significantly improved when using this instrument.
Steel-soled slippers to wear over your shoes to allow you to walk on VARIOPLAN-HD during laying of the product.
Mohair roller is used to apply the second coating of primer STARPRIME and to distribute the polyurethane finishing product REOTOP-PU across the completed surface. This particular type of roller with short hairs allows you to spread the finish and not accumulate quantities of product of more than 60g/m² for each coating.